Lightwight Emergency Stove

by admin | December 21, 2011 11:12 pm

When you need to go, be prepared! One of the major elements you need to keep in mind is food: how are you going to get it? Or cook it? That’s why little lightweight s[1]toves like this one, the Wetfire Stove[2], is great as an addition to any emergency disaster kit or camping pack.

This stove only weighs half an ounce; it folds up to store nicely. The fuel are cubes that won’t spill in your bag or cause accidental fires. It can boil a cup of water in 5-6 minutes.

Not only can you use it for cooking food while you’re trying to survive, but you can sterilize water by boiling it. It’s handy to have something like this when a disaster strikes.

Wetfire Stove[3]

Store Price: $14.41 (normally 17.95)[4]

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