Emergency Survival Kits

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Where will you be when a disaster strikes? Just because you  may not be in an earthquake or hurricane zone, doesn’t mean you are safe from natural disasters. Not only are fires rampant, but you could be evacuated without even knowing the cause at the drop of a hat. Tornadoes, automobile accidents, even camping mishaps, all require some sort of emergency kit, just in case.

A disaster emergency kit needs to have some vital tools in order to ensure your survival. Things like a first aid kit, food rations, safe water, heat supplies, flares, and knives are only the most basic. Many companies have put together their own emergency supply kits, for animals and humans, and come in handy bags that are easily transported.

These are the most easy to obtain. Usually you can add your own necessities, like prescription medications, diapers for children, a change of clothes or shoes, inside the bag as well. This way you can grab the bag and go, knowing you are prepared for the next few days at least.

It’s a smart idea to keep a version of your home emergency kit in your car or office, as well. Since about 50% of our lives are spent outside our homes, there is just as equal of a chance that you will be on the go when a disaster strikes. Small first aid kits are great ideas to put inside of a backpack for students, as well.

These are just a few small steps in being prepared, but no one is every truly ready when an emergency strikes. Yet anything will is better than having nothing.

These are the most popular groups of emergency kits:

Automobile Kits

Evacuation Emergency Kits

Earthquake Kits

Hurricane Kits

Pet Emergency Kits

Here are the most popular survival kits:

Earthquake Emergency Preparedness KitEarthquake Emergency Preparedness Kit Kit for 4 PeopleKit for 4 People Marijuana Cloning GelDeluxe Backpack Emergency Kit for 4 People
Backpack Disaster Survival KitBackpack Disaster Survival Kit 3 Day Essential Survival Kit 3 Day Essential Survival Kit  1 Person/3 Day Grab and Go Emergency Kit1 Person/3 Day Grab and Go Emergency Kit

Battlefield 3


Survival Gear Backpack Kit

1 Person Survival Backpack Kitt


1 Person Survival Backpack Kit

Disaster Survival Bottle Kit


Disaster Survival Bottle Kit

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