Flood Preparedness

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When it comes to floods, you truly never know what kind of damage will ensue. Will power go out? That means everything in your refrigerator will perish, so you’ll need food rations and a way to drink safe water. What about heat? Thermal blankets, waterproof matches, and extra clothing is necessary.

But there’s more to it than just that.

When a flood happens, the warning comes (via radio, phone, or news) in multiple terms. It could be a “flood forecast”, which just means the rainfall is so heavy, that rivers and streets can overflow. A “flood warning” means that a river, lake, or something similar has overflowed. A “flash flood” means that a flood can be quick. This is a common thing in places like foothills of mountains, where the rainfall builds up in the brushes, but when the dirt gives way, all that water comes down at once. If a “flash flood watch” turns into a “flash flood warning”, you need to be ready to move when the time comes.

Make sure you have lights, something that uses a battery. Now, you can purchase lights and radios that use power from a hand crank or solar, which also can charge cell phones and similar items. Make sure you have sandbags, plywood, sheeting, and lumbar near your house so you can protect it if a flood is coming.

Make sure you know what your insurance plan covers for floods, as well. Even though insurance will replace tangible items, keep a water-proof and fire-resistant safe for birth certificates, photos, and any other things that are irreplaceable.

If you are asked to evacuate during a flood, it is important to think of safety: turn off utilities, switches, and valves to the house. Know of a safe place to go, and make sure to inform friends and family where you are headed. Remember: roads flood. Do not drive in a flooded street, because, once a tire can’t touch the ground, you will end up just floating with the flow.

Keep an eye out for mud slides, electrical wires, street poles, and any other possible hazard.

For more tips on flood preparation, check out several books and items listed below. There disaster survival kits as well as emergency supplies that will help you in your time of need.

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