Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Kit

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This handy emergency preparedness kit has a feature that none of the other available disaster kits offers: a toilet! Do we really consider where we’d leave our refuge during a disaster, when the power is out and we’re trapped somewhere without power? Of course we could go behind a bush, but if you have kids, this device is handy. The toilet is actually part of the carrying device, which is a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid on top.

Inside of the kit (which you’d remove if needed, I hope) you’ll find enough food and water supplies to keep four people alive for three days, or one person alive for twelve days. It includes food, solar blankets, water, dust masks, toilet disinfectant, light stick, wet naps, a flashlight/radio and cell phone charger, utility knife, and more.

This kit is perfect for earthquakes, hurricanes, and almost every other kind of emergency you can think of. Be prepared!

Emergency Survival Kit Bucket – Deluxe – 4 Person

Site Price: $95.49

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