Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit

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Earthquake Kit – 4 Person Deluxe Home Survival Emergency Preparedness

Site Price: $91.25

This deluxe kit can keep 4 people through 3 days in an emergency situation, especially during earthquakes. It has all the emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, fird aid, lighting, and communication supplies necessary for surviving after a major disaster. 4 2400-Calorie food bars; 4 solar blankets; 24 pouches of water; 4 dust maks; 4 ponchos; 1 12-pack of liners; 1 12-hour light stick; 1 54-piece first aid kit; 50 water purification tablets; 50 waterproof matches; 1 utility knife; 1 5-in-1 whistle; no battery flashlight;radio w/ cell phone charger; 6 wetnaps’ 1 pair leather palm gloves; 1 gas/water shut off tool; 1 t-5 chemical disenfectant; 1 15″ pry bar; 1 roll Duct tape. All food/water has 5 year shelf life, and are safe for vegetarians and anyone allergic to nut oils.

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