Safety Flare Signaling Kit

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With storm season fast approaching, it’s a wise idea to have on hand some type of flare-gun. It makes you easy to find, no matter where you are.

This Orion Safety Alerter Coastal Signalling Kit can launch a flare 500′ into the air. It is USCG approved to work in both day and night. The flare itself lasts up to 7 seconds, and everything about it surpasses US Coast Guard requirements.

Included in this package: 1 12-guage Safety Launcher, which can shoot the flare signals up to 500′; and 4 12-guage Red Aerial Flares, lasting 7 seconds and burning at 16,000 candela.

Orion Safety Alerter Coastal Signalling Kit

Site Price: $62.95

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Earthquake Kit for 4 People

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This kit is perfect for every kind of disaster preparedness. It can be for four people for 72 hours, or one person for 288. It’s in a handy grab-and-go bag that is durable, and everything inside covers your basic needs.

There are 48 200-calorie food bars with a 5 year shelf life, 40 water purification tablets, flashlights, survival whistle, tube tents, mylar sleeping bags, fire starter, fuel tablets, light sticks, can opener, candles, large fist aid kit, and so much more.

Don’t be stuck without the emergency supplies you’ll need!

4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe Perfect Earthquake, Evacuation, Emergency Disaster Preparedness, 72 Hour Kits for Home, Work or Auto

Site price: $199.95 (regularly $360)

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Deluxe Backpack Emergency Kit for 4 People

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Ready America Grab ‘N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack

Site Price: $119.88

This bright red backpack makes it easy to see in the dark after an emergency, and easy to grab and go with. You never know when or where a disaster will strike, whether at home, at work, or in your car, so be prepared!

Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone in your family, and it’s always best to go big, which is why this 4-person emergency survival kit is a great way to go. Even if its just one person, the food and water supplies, plus masks, whistle, and tools, can last 12 days for one person, or 3 days for 4 people.

There are several other additions in this kit, so make sure to check it out.

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Disaster Emergency Meal Kit

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Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

Site Price: $50.44

Once you add water to these 12 individual packages of food (three breakfasts, three vegetables, and six 10-ounce packets for dinner and lunch), you’ll be able to survive the first 72-hours after an emergency hits. You may be unable to escape your surroundings, incapable of getting food, and this may just save your life.

There are great flavors, like pasta primavera, sweet and sour pork with rice, and even granola with blueberries and milk. A little slice of luxury in the midst of disaster.

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Backpack Disaster Survival Kit

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Ready America Grab N Go Essentials 4 Person Backpack

Site Price: $89.99

Are you ready for a disaster? Honestly, no one is, no matter how prepared you are. That’s why companies put together grab and go kits. This one comes in a backpack, and holds the recommended supplies for 4 people for 3 days as by the American Red Cross. There is water, food, ponchos, blankets, light sticks, gloves, masks, and more. It’s great for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and any general emergency imaginable.

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3 Day Essential Survival Kit

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Life+Gear Life Essentials 3-Day Survival Kit, Black and Yellow

Site Price: $22.00

When disaster strikes, where will you be? This small kit includes US Coast Guard approved supplies of water and food, both with 5 year shelf lives and last you 3 days in an emergency. The thermal blanket captures 80 percent body heat, keeping you warm in the cold, The grab and go carrying case has a shoulder strap, making it easy to travel with in an emergency.

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Bear Grylls Survival Kit

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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

Site Price: $37.54

When you’re out camping, you never know what can happen. This is a perfect kit to keep in your car on the go, or in your backpack while camping. It includes fifteen pieces for survival, such as a mini multi-tool, a fire starter, survival blanket, and wire cutter. The lightweight bag is waterproof. It’s small and compact, but has everything you  need to survive.

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1 Person/3 Day Grab and Go Emergency Kit

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Quakehold! Grab-N-Go Emergency Kit, 1-Person 3-Day Bag

Site Price: $32.27

This emergency survival kit is person for one person and three days. It includes food, water, and poncho for all three days. The included First Aid kit has 33 pieces, and the lightstick provides light in emergencies. The carrying case/bag is convenient, making it easy to grab when you have to run.

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Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

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Deluxe Survival Kit Ultimate Survival

Site Price: $58.43

This is a kit that adventure types should keep with them. It includes the best survival and camping gear recommended, from starting fires, to cutting limbs for shelter, and to signal for help. Can fit in a backpack, glove-box, ATV or boat.

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1 Person Survival Backpack Kit

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Mayday 1 Person Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit

Site Price: $49.00

This grab-n-go kit is perfect for a single person, whether they store it at home, work, or in their car. It has the backpack, 2400 calorie food bar, solar blanket, pouches of water, dust mask, poncho, flashlight, alkaline “D” batteries, 2 person tent, 50′ nylon cord, light stick, First Aid kit, water purification tablets, waterproof matches, utility knife, whistle, AM/FM radio, camper’s stove, and a pair of leather palm gloves.

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