Lightwight Emergency Stove

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When you need to go, be prepared! One of the major elements you need to keep in mind is food: how are you going to get it? Or cook it? That’s why little lightweight stoves like this one, the Wetfire Stove, is great as an addition to any emergency disaster kit or camping pack.

This stove only weighs half an ounce; it folds up to store nicely. The fuel are cubes that won’t spill in your bag or cause accidental fires. It can boil a cup of water in 5-6 minutes.

Not only can you use it for cooking food while you’re trying to survive, but you can sterilize water by boiling it. It’s handy to have something like this when a disaster strikes.

Wetfire Stove

Store Price: $14.41 (normally 17.95)

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Portable Emergency Propane Stove

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No one knows how a disaster will effect the world around them. You may lose access to gas and electricity, especially if you’re on the road when it happens. leaving you stranded and starving. If you can’t get back to your house, your matches are wet, and you’re absolutely starving, what can you do but try to prepare your own food?

That’s where these little portable stoves come in handy. Yes, they’re actually meant for camping, but the compact size, easy-to-carry and light-weight design make them ideal for emergency survival too. This one is a single burner, making it even smaller than regular portable stoves, and runs off a small propane tank.

The Coleman PowerPack Stove can use 7,500 BTU and has a range of high to low heat. The propane is controlled via PerfectFlow, keeping the pressure at an even level. It’s super light-weight and becomes a small square when packed away.

The size makes it perfect to stash in a car, motorhome, or survival kit. Don’t worry about not being prepared again!

Coleman PowerPack 1-Burner Stove
Site Price: $34.99

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Portable Emergency Gas Stove

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GASONE Portable Gas Stove CSA Approved With Free Carry Case, Gift Box

Site Price: $18.25

This incredibly easy to use portable gas stove is perfect for emergencies and camping. It is essential for any emergency. There is a push-button starter so you don’t need matches, lighter, or batteries. There is a safety shut off as well, and the storage and carrying case makes it easy to transport and keep clean.

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